Grandma's Finest Learning Center

About Our Programs

Grandma’s Finest combines HighReach Learning® curriculum, outdoor activities, and caring, certified teachers to provide a superior early childhood learning experience.

Infant | 6wks - 1yr

At Grandma’s Finest, we make the most of our time with infants by helping them develop their motor skills as well as their social and pre-literacy skills through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Some of the areas of development will include establishing a sleep schedule, responding to simple directions, using fingertips to pick up small objects, and much more. For a comprehensive list of program goals and objectives, click below.

Infant Curriculum & Goals

  • Schedule based on parent direction
  • Parents welcome to come and go as they please
  • Baby food included in the price
  • Can use fingertips to pick up small objects.
  • Has an established sleep schedule
  • Can enjoy a wide variety of touch, noise, and smells
  • Pulls to stand and cruises along furniture
  • Enjoys listening to songs
  • Maintains balance in sitting while throwing objects
  • Babbling has sounds and rhythms of speech.
  • Responds to simple directions
  • Eating an increasing variety of foods

Beginner | 1-2yr

We put the fun in fundamentals by blending art activities and playtime with age-appropriate curriculum to promote your child’s development. Plus, at Grandma’s Finest, it’s all administered by a certified teacher. The success of your child’s education starts by building a strong foundation. One of these building blocks is social interaction with both peers and adults. For a comprehensive list of program goals and objectives, click below.

Beginner Curriculum & Goals

  • Begins participation in circle time, art, music and other educational activities that help develop the milestones listed below
  • Turns head in response to their name being called
  • Can participate in small groups with other children
  • Can play in social situations after a transition time
  • Explores varied environments such as a new playground
  • Enjoys sitting to look at or listen to a book
  • Usually walks with heel-toe pattern and not primarily on toes
  • Can throw and attempt to catch a ball without losing balance
  • Can transition to a new environment or activity
  • Use at least 50 words
  • Names objects and pictures
  • Begins to use two-word phrases

Intermediate | 2-3yr

Our proven program was developed with an active two-year-old in mind, which is why all activities are hands-on to make them as inspiring and engaging as possible. To strengthen your child’s education, each day, we reinforce and elaborate on the material covered in previous classes. In this program, students begin writing, using three-word phrases, and much more. For a comprehensive list of program goals and objectives, click below.

Intermediate Curriculum & Goals

  • Begin writing lessons with learning proper pencil grip
  • Can participate in messy activities that result in dirty hands
  • Enjoys playing with new toys in varied ways
  • Coordinates hand and finger movements needed to participate in tabletop games and activities
  • Can adapt to changes in routine
  • Is aware of sensations such as a wet diaper
  • Enjoys playing near peers
  • Understands basic nouns and pronouns
  • Consistently uses three-word phrases
  • Asks “what” and “where” questions
  • Simple understanding of concepts including color, space, time

Preschool | 3-4yr

Over the course of the year, your child will work on recognizing colors, shapes, numbers, and letters as well as developing their writing skills. A variety of activities are incorporated to build the social skills needed to be successful in Pre-K from playing nicely with friends to listening to teachers. All of the building blocks from previous years come together to provide a solid foundation for further learning and development. For a comprehensive list of program goals and objectives, click below.

Preschool Curriculum & Goals

  • Recognize letters upper and lowercase
  • Know phone number and address
  • Can share real events past and future
  • Recognize and duplicate simple patterns
  • Walk on balancing beam
  • Walks backward easily
  • Can balance on one foot
  • Uses scissors
  • Copy and write shapes, letters, and name
  • Enjoys playing with friends
  • More independent

Pre-K | 4-5yr

Through our structured, age-appropriate curriculum, your child will soar from recognizing letters and letter sounds to blending sounds and beginning to read. After completing our Pre-K program, your child will have the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten. For a comprehensive list of program goals and objectives, click below.

Pre-K Curriculum & Goals


Children in our Pre-K program learn the following vital skills through our Core Knowledge Curriculum:


  • Numerals 1-20, 30, 40, etc.
  • Counting to 100
  • Counting by 5, 10, 20 to 100
  • Complex patterns
  • Measurement: inches, feet, and yards
  • Number and number sense
  • And more


  • Recognize and sound out over 100 words
  • Write full name and number words
  • Retell fiction and non-fiction stories
  • Illustrate sentence
  • Develop awareness of written print and its uses
  • Develop awareness of the structure of print
  • Develop phonemic awareness
  • And more

Social Skills

  • Task persistence and completion
  • Sense of self and personal responsibility
  • Following verbal and written rules
  • Rewards and consequences for behavior
  • Evolve problem-solving skills
  • Sharing with classmates
  • And more

Orientation in Time

  • Vocabulary
  • Measures of time (minutes, hours, days, months, years, and seasons)
  • Passage of time (past, present, and future)
  • Simple clock skills

Orientation in Space

  • Vocabulary
  • Actual and represented space
  • Simple maps
  • Basic geographical concepts


  • Observation and investigation
  • Understanding the living world
  • Understanding the physical world
  • Planets
  • Solids and liquids
  • Body parts and function of the human body


  • Attention to differences in sound
  • Imitate and produce sounds
  • Listen and sing
  • Listen and move

Visual Arts

  • Attention to visual details
  • Creating art
  • Looking and talking about art
  • Talk of the differences between abstract and realistic art

Movement and Coordination

  • Physical attention and relaxation
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
  • Group games
  • Creative movement and expression

After School & Summer Camp Program

Our after-school and camp programs provide children with endless opportunities to relax and finish their homework and burn energy and have some fun, all in a safe environment.