Grandma's Finest Learning Center

About Grandma's Finest

About Grandma’s Finest

Grandma’s Finest Learning Center combines the structured approach of a private school with the warmth of a family owned business. The organization was founded in 1984 by Jaynean and Edsel Todd and Margaret Belle Brownlee (Jaynean’s mother) to provide students with an exceptional learning experience. In 2005, Jaynean’s daughter, Kelly Dawkins, became the Director of Grandma’s Finest to carry on her family’s vision. Shortly after, Kyle Dawkins (Kelly’s husband) joined the team.

Today, students aged 6 weeks through Pre-K continue to thrive in our optimal learning environment. At Grandma’s Finest, teachers connect with their classrooms, helping them achieve important benchmarks through age-appropriate learning. Just as important, students move only once per year, not on their birthdays, to maintain systematic, consistent progress.

The result is children who are motivated, happy, confident, and well-prepared.

Infant (6 wks-1 yr)

At Grandma’s Finest, we make the most of our time with your child by helping them develop their motor skills as well as their social and pre-literacy skills through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

Beginner (1-2 yr)

We put the fun in fundamentals by blending art activities and playtime with age-appropriate curriculum to promote your child’s development. Plus, at Grandma’s Finest, it’s all administered by a certified teacher.


Intermediate (2-3 yr)

Our time-proven program was developed with an active two-year-old in mind, which is why all activities are hands-on to make them as inspiring and engaging as possible. To strengthen your child’s education, each day, we reinforce and elaborate on the material covered in previous classes.

Preschool (3-4 yr)

Over the course of the year, your child will work on recognizing colors, shapes, numbers, and letters as well as developing their writing skills. Different activities are incorporated to build the social skills needed to be successful in Pre-K from playing nicely with friends to listening to teachers.

Pre-K (4-5 yr)

Through our structured, age-appropriate curriculum, your child will soar from recognizing letters and letter sounds to blending sounds and beginning to read. After completing our Pre-K program, your child will have the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten.

Our Mission

At Grandma’s Finest, we strive to provide children and their families with a loving learning environment, rooted in structure with plenty of outdoor play. The curriculum is based on students’ ages and administered by certified teachers to accelerate development. The ultimate goal is to send children to kindergarten prepared to excel academically and socially.

Our Vision

It’s natural for us as parents to want better for our children. As a family owned and operated learning center, we get that and deliver the learning experience your child deserves—an experience filled with encouragement, interaction, activity, and love.